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White Royal Flush Bravo Marine Toilet with Multitouch Control System

White Royal Flush Bravo Marine Toilet with Multitouch Control System


All Royal Flush Toilets are built around a simple, no nonsense, water jet macerator. Reliability proven over three decades in a variety of Royal Flush models is demonstrated at trade shows by repeatedly flushing rags and quarters while spectators stare in disbelief.
All Royal Flush Toilets operate on the following principle. Pressurized water is accelerated through a jet to macerate and discharge the waste over a vented loop. There are no complicated mechanical sewage pumps to maintain in the toilet.
During operation pressurized water supplied by a shared water pressure system is controlled by the inlet valves to flush the toilet. The Royal Flush Bravo, Espresso and Aero integrate the proven and reliable water jet technology of the original Royal Flush combined with a modern valve and electronic control arrangement. The Multitouch system includes a timer module which controls the operation of two slow-close, water-hammer free solenoid valves located within the toilet. The timer module coordinates 3 different types of flushes into a single button. A single push of the switch on the toilet delivers a normal flush of 3 liters, two pushes and you’ll get a low water flush (pee flush) and with 3 pushes you’ll get an Ultra-Low Volume flush and no water in the bowl at the conclusion, this can be useful for service or rough seas. This new arrangement makes for an easier installation, reduced noise when flushing, and better overall performance.
less than 1 gallon per flush, it strikes a balance between water conservation and effective odor control.

RFMB-0 : White Royal Flush Bravo (Elongated Bowl) with Multitouch Control System

*Chrome Switch on Toilet

*Comfort Height

*TDM-DC 12&24VDC Timer Module

*Integrated Mini-Valves

*Standard Standard Vented Loop and Check Valve Kit Included, Supplied Bagged


**Please note: you may be contacted for extra shipping costs because toilets must be shipped freight

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