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GWH-2000: 2" (51mm) ID Great White Super Premium Sanitation / Water Hose;

GWH-2000: 2" (51mm) ID Great White Super Premium Sanitation / Water Hose;


2" (51mm) ID Great White Super Premium Sanitation/Water Hose

Headhunter Great White™ Super Premium Water/Sanitation Hose is an engineered hose developed especially for the rigors of the harsh marine environment. A specially formulated liner constructed of anti-microbial food quality butyl polymer provides an impermeable odor barrier. A double steel wire helix and high tensile fabric reinforcement provide extreme flexibility for ease of installation and a snow white EPDM abrasion resistant jacket provide superior Ozone resistance not found in conventional sanitation hoses.


• Super Flexible Construction
• Superior Odor Impermeability.
• Exceeds the specification of NSF 61 drinking water system components
• Max Temperature: 200F (94C). Will not degrade in high temperature engine room
• EPDM Shell: Provides superior Ozone resistant external liner
• BUTYL Shell: Provides a smooth anti-microbial food grade inner liner.


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